Course Overview

Chaos Shopify Blueprint

The "Chaos Shopify Blueprint" is an extensive Shopify course on everything you're going to need to get your store up and running in no time, so you all can start making those profits!

What To Expect

The course is going to be made up of 4 extensive phases consisting of the following:

Phase 1: "Setting The Structure"

In this phase you will learn everything from how to decide on your business name to getting all of the legal paperwork out of the way to get you going. We are going to teach you how to choose the right bank and properly set up your bank account so you rake in the big bucks.

Phase 2: "Getting To Know Shopify"

Phase 2 will consist of everything you are going to need in order to operate Shopify front and back to its full capabilities. Learning the ins and outs of the platform so you can work effectively and efficiently. We will touch on the different business models you will be choosing from so you can begin to mold your idea of what you want your store to look like.

Phase 3: "Creating And Launching Your Business"

Now on to the meat of the program. In this section you will be diving in to each individual business model and deciding which is the best fit for you. We are going to be showing you guys how to find and create products and how to load them in to your Shopify store. Everything from how the customer purchases your product to how they get the product and money in your bank account. Sound good? Well, thats not all. We are going to be teaching you the ways of establishing your business, no matter what business model you choose, to ensure your success. SEO tips and tricks on how to optimize the performance of your business as well.

Phase 4: "Reaching The World"

Now that you have your business up and launched, now it's time to be bringing in the customers. We are going to be pulling back the curtains on some of the main marketing strategies used for exploding your engagement rate and creating exponential growth and reach. You will be learning how all of the everyday social media platforms you use are a breeding ground for new customers.